At your initial appointment the therapist will be doing a Diagnostic Assessment.  This is when the therapist gains information about the presenting problems, symptoms, and family history.  This information helps your therapist to better understand your situation and to determine an appropriate diagnosis, just like when you go to your medical doctor.

The Intake Form is a tool the therapist uses to help them gather that information.  It is important that you have this form completed before the beginning of your first appointment.  If you would like to print the form and complete it in advance, you may do so from this page, or arrive a half hour early to your appointment to complete the form at the office.   If you are using your insurance, please remember to bring your insurance card with to your first appointment as well.

  • For ages 18 and up please complete the Adult Intake Packet.
  • For children and adolescents, parents need to complete the Child/Adolescent Intake Packet.  If your child is age 12-17, please have them complete the Adolescent Intake Packet as well.
  • For returning clients that have previously seen the therapist, you may complete the Adult, Child/Adolescent form for parents, or Adolescent Update Packets.

New Clients

Returning Clients

Consent Forms